Note to BA/MA students (including thesis supervision)
Dear Students, Note that because I am currently mentoring/supervising many BA and MA theses (in addition with the rest of my work and personal life), I will expect you to ask for what you need, and reach out if I haven’t responded to remind me of a previous query. Please do not take personally any lapses of communication on my part — I merely am managing 100 plates in the air, and occasionally some I momentarily overlook. If you need additional help, please ask the tutors in the program, or email me to arrange a meeting, if your question or concern cannot be solved through email. Here’s a nice tutorial on how to write an effective, efficient email: I also recommend you take note of the Rules & Regulations (as established by the EB). Relevant here is esp §4.2.4: 4. “If plagiarism is established after an individual or group project, assignment or thesis has been submitted, or if there are grave suspicions of plagiarism (e.g. by using a plagiarism detection tool), the examiner must report this to the examination board as soon as possible, also providing evidence.” In other words, all work must be your own. If not, I am obligated to report this, whether I want to or not. So please, let’s support each other in focusing on why we’re here: learning, exploration, honing our craft.

Note to PhD Students and Postdocs

For how to get the most out of the mentor process and prepare yourself for your next career steps, please check out this overview. I also recommend buying this book and using it as your vital guide for writing articles:

Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success
by Wendy Laura Belcher


The Professor is In

As you get further along, I recommend following the blog of Karen Kelskey, The Professor is In. Karen also has an excellent book for how to get a job in academia (it worked for me).