I’m happy to announce that the Biosemiotic Ethics special issue in the Zeitschrift für Semiotik I co-edited with Morten Tønnessen and Jonathan Beever has come out. It’s got the great semiotician John Deeley‘s last article in it he wrote before passing, and we dedicated the issue to him.

On behalf of the editors, I’m very satisfied with how this special issue came together, with contributions on this relevant subject from John Deely, Jonathan Beever and Morten Tønnessen, Andreas Weber, myself, Hans Werner Ingensiep, Jessica Ullrich, Konrad Ott, and an interview with Wendy Wheeler.


The special issue is printed with half of the articles in English and half in German. My article appears in German (but with enough Latin and French words as to make it intercultural) as Interspezies-Ethik: Der modus vivendi inter-organismischer semiotischer Milieus.

N.B. The journal staff, because they are behind on issues, marked this as appearing for their 2015 issue, even though it was published in May 2017.