I’m excited to share my research interests with a more diverse audience February 19th at Terra’s Temple, an earth-based spirituality center and place of dedicated practice in Berkeley. This translation process of academic research into practical knowledge is precisely the work of the political philosopher, and environmental philosopher, for that matter. It is my pleasure to share a bit of a more experiential evening with fellow ardent acolytes of the earth and its ways.


Connect with local leaders

Reconnect with our love of the Earth.


Feb 19 – Yogi Hendlin, 

Environmental Philisopher 

and Research Fellow at UCSF


Every 3rd Sunday, 6-8pm

Suggested Donation: $20 (no one turned away)

Terra’s Temple, 3051 Adeline Street, Berkeley


Each month engage different local teachers to reconnect us with ourselves and our planet.

We have an abundance of wise elders, artists, activists, authors, healers, scientists, educators and spiritual leaders in the Bay Area whose work includes a connection to how we live within our beloved planet. It is the intention of Terra’s Temple to tap into all of this wisdom and share it with community members, so that we all may benefit and learn from each other. We want to continue the work of others toward building a strong community of wise and conscious citizens.



February 19, 2017


Yogi Hendlin

Environmental Philosopher and Research Fellow at UCSF




Talking with plants and animals has received a bad rap in a world where certain assumptions of a dumb, mechanical universe have themselves become superstitions. Luckily, science has finally come full-circle, now acknowledging the intricate, unexpected, and multi-channel means with which organisms communicate, both to their kin and to other species. This evening will provide a forum to explore the ways in which dogs, bees, and orchids (amongst other critters) communicate, shedding light on how we can better communicate as humans with the throbbing world around us. By honing in on the very different ways in which particular organisms communicate, we can gain a deeper appreciation of nature’s whispers. Learning new ways to listen also opens up other parts of ourselves, so we can access ways of communicating in our inner ecology overlooked in our technological age.

Yogi Hale Hendlin is an environmental philosopher and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Hendlin has published in numerous journals including Environmental Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, and Sign System Studies, and is an emerging expert in the field of biosemiotics—the interpretation of how organisms’ communication creates meaning. Currently, Hendlin is examining sustainability and politics from the more-than-human perspective in an upcoming book entitled Interspecies Politics: Valuing Difference in the Biological Polity.